Raksha Bandhan 2017: Exclusive Wallpapers, Pictures & Photos for all

Raksha Bandhan: It is a Hindu festival, where the brother promises to take care of his sisters of all evils and in return the sisters tie a line to show that they will continue to love their brothers and pray for their good -be. Brothers and sisters should not be biologically linked to honor the relationship. There are many fun facts related to how raksha bandhan started. If you have heard of epics, you would be familiar with Lord Krishna and Draupadi in "The Mahabaratha". One morning, when Lord Krishna was flying a kite, he placed his finger with a thread, Draupadi who was nearby, tore his sari and tied it around his finger. In return, Lord Krishna promised that he would protect her from evil. Raksha Bandhan is happily celebrated in India and Nepal. The sister buys colorful rakhi and the brother receives a magnificent gift for their sisters. It is more like a family coming together, where amateurs and blessings are sought after by the elders. In this publication we have added raksha bandhan Wishes, greetings, messages, wallpapers, cards and inspiring pictures.

Happy Raksha Bandhan Images 2017: Today I share with you the best pictures of HD Raksha Bandhan. You can collect photos of Raksha Bandhan Whatsapp in Hd and send you Brother and Sister. The Raksha Bandhan wallpapers are also given below in which include the best images of Rakhi, Rakhi's photos, etc.Raksha Bandhan is the Festival of India On this day, Sister Tying rakhi on her wrist brother. Then the brother gives gifts back to his sister. On this day, the sister sends photos of Raksha Bandhan and images of Raksha Bandhan's status for Whatsapp Etc through Whatsapp. So today I will increase the happiness of you by sharing the images for raksha Bandhan. You can download and copy these Happy Raksha Bandhan 2017 images and share them with your brothers and sisters on Facebook. The Raksha Bandhan Photos Wallpaper collection is given below.

Apple iphone 6 Release Date - Only Apple Know About This

Every online website who is related to technology announced the release date of iphone 6 but one thing every one knows always apple release all product on surprise. know one know when iphone 6 release in market till not released by apple.

On apple iphone 6 release date  high search in all search engine
Every one anounced the related date and features
About 8,57,00,000 results in Google Search
3,590 story done on webpage
Approx  7,29,00,000 image result in Google
Facebook and twitter

The approx image of iphone 6

Please don't confuse your self and wait for release this phone by apple

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Release Date for Nokia Lumia 630 United Kingdom Expected May 2014

The Nokia Lumia 630 smartphone is a great value. This is a great entry price for access to the Nokia Lumia features like free internet radio and maps.

·The colourful shell of the phone can be swapped
·Comes with offline maps and free internet radio
·Powered by Windows Phone 8.1
·4.5" screen
·5MP camera
·Talk time 13.1 hours
·Windows Phone 8.1
·1.2GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor

Release Date for Nokia Lumia 630

Take mega pictures

Nokia phones are brilliant for taking pictures, and the Nokia Lumia 630 is no different. The camera will give you amazing images, and the large touch screen high quality is perfect to show to friends. You can even add captions and explore a range of creative effects and filters from your phone. And if you are still new places you'll love the Nokia Application storyteller. It organizes your photos into albums based on location, and even display them on a map so you can see exactly where you were for each photo.

Maps that even work offline

Nokia Lumia 630 - There's an app called Expired free cards HERE Maps That comes with the Nokia Lumia 630. It Allows you to download maps of entire countries for use odd when you're not on the Internet. In fact, you can get your route, pinpoint your location and get turn-by-turn navigation without Being online. It is perfect for when you're abroad and data costs are high.

More free stuff, like internet radio and Microsoft Office

Nokia Lumia 630 - If you love a bargain, you'll love the Nokia Lumia 630. From the moment you turn it on, you will have free Internet radio with millions of songs. This is Nokia MixRadio, the application will also find new music you'll love based on your current music library. You'll also be able to use your phone for work because you will live with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Switch easily from your old phone to a Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630 - If you are worried that you transfer old contacts to your new 630 will be difficult, you do not have to be. Special data transfer my app copies all your contacts in the phonebook of Lumia 630. And if you use iTunes, there is an application that will help you synchronize your iTunes collection on your new phone too.

Personalise it!

Nokia Lumia 630 - If you want to show your personality, or love color matching your clothes, Nokia Lumia 630 is excellent. You can swap the back cover of the phone for a number of other colored shells. And the home screen can be changed to any color you like - you can even use your own photos to make great staff.

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Sony Xperia E1 Release Date in UK Expected March 2014

With its super loud speaker,  Sony Xperia  E1 is  phone that will allow you to play your strong enough pieces for  parties in  park with friends.


  1. Super loud speaker, perfect for parties
  2. microSD card slot for extra space for music
  3. Powered by Android
  4. 4" touchscreen 
  5. 4GB memory 
  6. MicroSD card slot 
  7. Android
  8. 3G
  9. Snapdragon 200 dual core 1.2GHz processor 

Sony Xperia E1 Release Date in UK

Everything about  Sony Xperia  E1 is designed for music. A speaker with a lot of volume, Walkman button to launch  application and a microSD card slot. It can give you all  music you love everywhere.

Sony Xperia E1

Essential tech specs

To give him a long latency Sony Xperia  E1 has a 1750 mAh battery, so you can count on him to stay powered throughout  day. It gives you eight hours of talk time too. To help web browsing smooth and fun game, re is  fast 1.2GHz Snapdragon dual core processor 200. To go to Facebook and upload photos on  touch screen of 4 "and a 3.15MP camera are a great combination. re is plenty of space to store music with 4GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot 32GB (card sold separately).

Enjoy your music more with  Walkman app and controls

Get your chips directly with  "long to launch" Walkman  key.  Walkman  application is excellent for combining on-line music, create playlists, and play and share tracks. It's like having your own DJ on your phone. It is also easy to mix tracks, just shake your E1 to  next random song starts.

Louder songs wherever you want

When it comes to playing music at a volume in  park, re are not many phones that are as strong as  Xperia  E1. At 100 decibels is as loud as a motorcycle, but it still has all  clarity and sharpness you need.

Excellent and easy to use display

You will never have to stretch to reach  back button back  4 "screen is a great size for small hands. This is still large enough to read some articles or do some reading card if

Quality phone on a budget

If you like  look of expensive phones Sony as Z1 or Z1 Compact, you will love  body E1. It has  same look at a more affordable price. It'll be almost too much like taking beautiful pictures, play games and get online. This is because even though it's cheaper, it still has bowels of quality such as memory, processor and camera.

Lg g flex phone release date UK expected February 2014

Latest update"Customers in the UK only need to wait until February to get their hands on the curve G Flex LG phone.

The Korean company has partnered with EA mobile network to 6 inches in combined sinuous available sometime in February - although the date and exact price has not been announced yet."

A unique curved screen unrivalled battery life and blisteringly fast processor makes LG G Flex mobile phone a handset revolution.


  • Unique 6.0" curved HD screen
  • Unrivalled battery life for days of use
  • Powered by Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • 6.0" 720p HD screen 
  • 13MP camera 
  • 32GB Memory 
  • Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean 
  • Up to 25 hours talk time 
  • 2.26GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor

Lg g flex phone release date UK Expected February 2014
Lg g flex release date uk
Lg g flex

 LG G Flex mobile phone uses ground breaking technology to deliver an innovative curved screen and curved battery giving a unique experience and best battery life of any device around.

Stunning curved screen

6.0" HD screen on LG G Flex mobile phone is first to use POLED technology. That's what lets it curve in way it does. It also means screen is super tough and durable. curve of screen makes viewing angles flawless even at far edges. Brightness and colours have been perfected too so cinematic experience is even better.

Innovative curved design.

curved form of G Flex also means that it is comfortable to hold in one hand even with its big 6.0" HD screen. curveature arc also follows natural contours of your face so when you're making a call sound quality is even greater. shape isn't only innovation. self healing coating on back cover has ability to recover from daily wear and tear scratches and nicks keeping G Flex looking newer for longer.

Incredible performance

Under curvy screen and body is some very impressive hardware that makes LG G Flex mobile phone great. world's first curved battery packs tonnes of power to keep everything working for up to two days between charges. There's also a superbly fast quad core processor that makes sure everything you do works smoothly and instantly. Finally there's excellent 13MP camera that takes sharp photos and full HD videos so you'll be able to capture your memories in stunning quality.

Superb software

Dual Window lets you open two apps next to each other meaning you can take advantage of 6.0" HD screen and multitask easily. There's also Knock On which turns screen on when you tap it twice so you don't have to pick it up to check your notifications.With QTheater you can jump straight into your photo and video galleries from lock screen. And with Swing lock screen image on screen will move as you lean phone back and forth.Finally there's Answer Me which drops ringtone volume when you pick up phone and answers a call when you put it to your ear.

iPhone 6 a historical mobile phone by apple

  • iPhone 6 Apple’s Next Smart phone
  • Apple iPhone 6 May Work In NYC Under-ground Train Station
  • Apple iPhone 6 May Launch up to 3 Different Screen Sizes
  • Apple iPhone 6 Wireless Charging Feature and A Cheaper iPhoneModel
  • Laser Projected Keyboard Apple Patent
  • Developer Logs Report Apple iPhone 6 Is Being Tested
  • Apple iPhone 6 May Feature Near Field Communication
  • Apple iPhone 6 Colors, Upgrades, and No HomeButton
  • Will  Apple iPhone 6 Have A Larger ScreenSize?
  • Apple iPhone 6 Release Date 2014

apple iPhone 6

People keep coming up with new ideas for what the iPhone 6 might look like. Before the iPhone 5S is out, we saw some concepts for a phone with a screen wrapping . Now that the idea is his ugliness again , although I would call it ugly idea because it is probably very far from the reality in terms of what the real iPhone 6 will look like. The concept itself is really beautiful .

New iPhone 6 concept with a screen that folds to 90 degreesThis latest iPhone 6 concept came Concepts iPhone and has been published in TUAW . This YouTube user has created many other iPhone 6 concept last year or so it is unclear whether this idea is just a re-rack of some of the older concepts. Part of it seems vaguely familiar to me, but there are elements that seem new.Anyway , maybe the coolest described in this idea for the iPhone 6 is the screen that folds to 90 degrees over the edge. The concept eventually look a little like edge concepts on board display we've seen for the iPhone 5S before 6 came out. This time, however , the creator plays on the latest rumors that the iPhone 6 will have a curved screen .Adding shortcuts to the iPhone 6

In addition to the flashy ideas for the screen, there are some additional shortcuts on the side of the iPhone 6 . There are shortcuts to the built-in flashlight , applications for the camera , the music controls , calculator and alarm. The controls seem to be right on the screen, which of course wraps around the edges of the device. Unlike most other iPhone 6 ideas floating around at the moment it does not mention the size of the screen. Most agree that it should be at least 4.5 inches in size so that Apple Inc. ( NASDAQ: AAPL) can stay over in an area where more and more people are wanting a more great phone .

I agree with TUAW thereon . It is very unlikely that this concept iPhone 6 would become a reality in Apple Inc. ( NASDAQ: AAPL) . Aside from the practical aspect of making a screen that looks like this, you do not know what advantage there would be to have a screen that wraps around the edges of this kind. It is not of such a phone is two-sided with a screen which is wound around it. I mean of course it would look cool, but I do not think Apple would spend money on a design like this without a purpose for it .Apple is developing two large screened iPhones for release in the third quarter of 2014 according to a source familiar with his plans. What curve - iPhone screen 6 might look like, according to a report of Ciccarese design, Italian design studio based . ( Ciccarese Design)

The report comes from a source who spoke to Bloomberg and backup widespread belief that Apple will seek to increase the size of its smartphone offering to compete with increased competition from Android manufacturers like Samsung, Sony , HTC and Google itself .

The source says Apple is developing several models of the iPhone , one with a larger screen and curved glass that would eventually improved sensors that detect different levels of pressure. "Two models planned for release in the second half of next year would feature larger displays with glass that curves down at the edges ," reports Bloomberg , adding " sensors that can distinguish heavy keys or light on the screen can be integrated into future models. The person said that the two new models would be both much larger than the current 4-inch screen on the iPhone and iPhone 5s 5c, with a with a 4.7in screen while the other has a 5.5 inches . screen Current flagship smartphone from Sony, Samsung , HTC and Google itself all screens option in or around the 5 inch mark - Xperia Z1 (5 in.) Galaxy S4 (5 in.) A ( 4.7in ) and Nexus 5 ( 4.95in ) - make the Apple smartphone seems very small in comparison.

iPhabletIf Apple does launch a 5.5-inch smartphone will participate in the " phablet " market increasingly competitive where Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Max HTC recently joined the market leader Samsung Note range .The source told Bloomberg that the devices were still in development and not complete, but the company intends to release its next iPhone in the third quarter of 2014 , which lined up with its recent publication cycle .Curved screen smartphones have been raised for several years, but it was only last month that we saw real devices incorporating the technology with Samsung Galaxy round and LG G Flex both being launched .advanced

However, these are mostly prototypes products to test the market for these phones and the two go on sale in limited markets .

Apple has always been among the first to introduce the technology in its products, such as fingerprint reader , he presented the 5 years of the iPhone this year. However Apple does introduce the technology , he knows works perfectly and can be produced in the quantities needed to meet demand.

Last week, the company announced that it opened a new manufacturing plant in Arizona to produce materials sapphire for its smartphones and tablets. Apple uses sapphire as a hedge on his home on iPhones and iPads button.

It should also be noted that Apple also creates dozens of smartphone models that are never accessible to the public , and both smartphones curved screen might have the same fate.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 release date is Expected December 2013 UK

The Nokia Lumia 1520 has a screen 6 "full HD, 20MP camera, Xbox and Microsoft Office integrated, so you can do more, see more and catch more on the go.

Main Features of this phone

  1. Large, 1080pHD screen, perfect for movies
  2. Epic 20MP PureView camera for incredible photos
  3. Powered by Windows Phone 8
  4. 6" full HD display
  5. 20MP camera
  6. 64GB Expandable memory card slot
  7. Windows Phone 8
  8. 2.3GHz quad core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 processor
  9. 4G
Nokia Lumia 1520 UK pricing & release date announced

First phablet Nokia Lumia 1520, is expected to launch in the UK very soon, and some think the date could be as early as November 25. Although this can not be confirmed, what we know is pricing for 1520 was announced by several network operators.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 release date uk

With a "full 1080p HD 6 and 20MP camera Nokia Lumia 1520 screen was uniquely designed so that you can do and see more on the road. You will be able to capture great photos and get them to life with Nokia Storyteller. not only that, with Microsoft Office built in you can work as easily as when you're at the office, even when you're not.

The essential tech specs.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 has a 3400 mAh battery is good for up to 768 hours making phone calls in standby, or up to 25 hours. It is powered by a 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor 800 and the new Windows Phone 8 operating system. . There is a large 6 "screen with full HD resolution giving it a pixel density of 367 pixels per inch. Guests also PureView 20MP camera and 16GB of internal memory, which is expandable up to 64 GB with a microSD card.'s the screen is also designed it works with long fingernails or with gloves. again, you'll be able to see, even in bright sunlight.

Camera and Nokia Storyteller.

The 20MP camera on the Nokia Lumia 1520 makes taking pictures simple and amazing. Nokia HAS merged icts Pro, Smart and video cameras into one so it's easy to capture any moment in incredible detail. And thanks to the size and sharpness of the pictures, they're easy to zoom, crop and edit on the phone. The optical Image Stabilization keeps the camera lens steady, even if the phone is shaking, for ultra steady shots. What's more, the Nokia Storyteller app Automatically organized your pictures by time and location, making it easy to tell a story through your shots.

Built in Microsoft Office and SkyDrive.

Integrated with Microsoft Office 1520 in the Nokia Lumia, you'll be able to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint wherever you are. And with SkyDrive, you'll be able to get any Office document from your computer at home or work on your phone. So if you send out your resume to apply for a job or edit an important work Excel file, you can wherever you are.

Top quality screen.

The "full screen HD 6, built in Xbox and Windows Phone 8 software to the Nokia Lumia 1520 portable entertainment system at home. You can play your favorite games or enjoy the latest blockbuster in spectacular detail. It big screen, it is easy to move too. navigate maps in more detail and with LiveSight you can see all the shops, restaurants and attractions. While My Commute learns your habits and travel updates you with news traffic counts. Lumia screen and 1520 was designed to be visible from any angle, even in bright sunlight.

Wireless charging.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is full of innovations, from hardware to software. Compatibility with built in wireless charging, just pick up a wireless charging pad (sold separately) and put your 1520 on the pavement - you will load without cables! The future is here.

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